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Micro-Credentials at ACHS

Micro-credentials at ACHS give you the opportunity to upskill and focus your studies to develop in-demand skills and knowledge that are aligned with your goals and interests. 

As an integrative health and wellness professional, you’re constantly learning and growing in your field. 

You need: 

  • Credibility with validated credentials linked to professional requirements and industry demands so your clients, employer, and others have confidence in your skills
  • Specialized skills you can apply right away to your career, goals, and interests
  • Practical training in a short amount of time
  • Lower up-front costs than earning a degree
  • Fill skills gaps you may encounter when growing or change your career
  • Flexibility to study on your schedule

Micro-credentials at ACHS are designed with your needs in mind by our expert faculty so you get the same academic rigor and professional learning you rely on from ACHS.

How do I promote my ACHS Micro-Credentials

  • When you complete your micro-credential at ACHS, you’ll receive recognition for your achievement with a digital badge you can display proudly via LinkedIn, on your resume, and in your emails. 
  • ACHS badges are verified competencies and allow your colleagues, clients, and employers to validate your skills in Credly’s global database of credentials.
  • Stack your credentials to create your personalized professional profile that distinguishes you in your field. 
  • Include your ACHS digital transcript with your CV or resume. 
ACHS badges issued via the Credly digital credential database: 


Discover opportunities to upskill with ACHS:

Certified Aromatherapy Safety Professional (CASP)™ Program

The Certified Aromatherapy Safety Professional (CASP)™ credential is a comprehensive, four-course microcredential providing critical aromatherapy safety training for today's product formulators, practitioners, retailers, distributors, or consumers.

You'll learn how essential oils can cause allergic reactions, the importance of proper storage of essential oils and carrier oils, first aid guidelines for aromatherapy, how to mitigate adverse reactions, toxicology in aromatherapy, and much more! Expand your aromatherapy safety expertise with this comprehensive credential.

View the CASP Credential
Certified Dietary Supplements Professional (CDSP)™ Exam Prep Program

This four course micro-credential is designed to prepare you to sit the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Certified Dietary Supplements Professional exam and earn the CDSP™ credential.

Courses cover all aspects of working with dietary supplements including micro and macronutrients; nutraceuticals including herbs, homeopathy, and medicinal mushrooms; related anatomy and physiology; legal considerations; and holistic lifestyle modifications. Prepare to earn NANP's CDSP credential with this dietary supplement exam prep course.

View the CDSP Exam Prep Course

Ready to expand your knowledge in a new area? Explore these micro-credentials:

Looking for General Interest Courses?

In addition to micro-credentials, ACHS offers on-demand courses to help you explore new areas of study, discover wellness for personal health, and explore where a holistic health education may take you!

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